Flex spending accounts.......use it before you loose it! $50 off sunglasses this week!

There are many ways to pay for health care expenses. Some people have special health care accounts through their employer, or a health savings account they set up on their own. Here are some simple explanations, and how you can leverage the funds in these accounts.

  • Medical flexible spending accounts (FSA)  provide pre-tax dollars, through an employer, to pay for certain medical expenses.  A health reimbursement account (HRA) is set up through your employer to pay for certain health care related expenses as determined by your employer.  Money deposited into these accounts expire at the end of the calendar year, and doesn't roll-over for use next year.   

  • Health savings accounts are special pre-tax savings accounts that you can contribute to throughout the year and use for health care expenses.  Unlike FSA and HRA accounts, HSA accounts don't expire at the end of the year, but do have limits on how much you can contribute annually. 

  • Did you know that you can use many of these accounts to pay for eye care?  This can include the cost of eye examinations (including co-pays and co-insurance), prescription eye glasses, and prescription contact lenses (including cleaning supplies).  If you're looking for ways to use all of your money before it expires, consider a new or back-up pair of glasses, or stocking up on contact lens supplies.  Call us at Mad River Eye Care to schedule an appointment for your eye exam before the end of the year so you don't loose any of your hard earned money.

See clearer on the slopes.....half off of prescription goggle inserts this week!

Want to see clearer for skiing or riding this winter?  Dr. Mitchell can recommend prescription eye wear solutions that will give you the best vision possible for all your winter sports. Whether at Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, Killington or Stowe, here are some options to help you see your clearest. 

  • Contact lenses can improve your vision and give you the flexibility to wear whatever googles or shades you want.  Call to schedule a contact lens fitting with Dr. Mitchell. Maybe you don’t want to wear contact lenses every day….many people can use single use lenses that you only wear the days you want. Dispose of them when your done; easy and flexible.

  • Universal ski/snowboard goggle inserts put your prescription in most winter sports goggles and are easily installed and removed.  Bring your goggles in, and see if these are the right fit for your needs.

  • Dr. Mitchell has partnered with Smith Optics and carries Smith goggles designed to fit over most regular glasses…..wear your every-day glasses put your new Smith goggles over the top of them.  In addition we carry Smith's prescription goggle inserts that work with some of their most innovative winter sports goggles, and can be used in several of Smith's biking glasses as well. 

Dr. Mitchell and staff are happy to help determine the best winter-sports option for your needs and budget, give us a call.

New products: Costa glasses!

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with glasses manufacturer Costa.  Costa's tag line is 'Born on the water'.  Popular in fishing circles and coastal areas, Costa began by creating innovative polarization technology for optimal clarity for water sports and occupations.  Costa's polarization and light spectrum filtering isn't only great for water sports, but has been proven an excellent option for winter sports in combating glare from snow and ice.  Many people recognize improved clarity for winter time driving in addition to boating and fishing.  Dr. Mitchell selected Costa for his office because of their reputation for superior optical refinement in their non-prescription sunglasses, but also because of their high-quality, fashionable prescription ophthalmic line (regular every-day glasses).  In addition to their superior quality, innovative technology and attractive fashion sense, Dr. Mitchell appreciates Costa's commitment to bringing awareness to environmental issues.  Costa supports and/or spear-heads a number of projects that promote healthy oceans.  You can see the fruits of last year's campaign at Mad River Eye Care;  Costa committed to cleaning beaches in third world countries by recycling discarded fishing nets...and making glasses out of them.  Stop in and see Dr. Mitchell's selection of Costa at Mad River Eye Care.

Source: https://www.costadelmar.com/

Medical Eye Care

Dr. Mitchell has extensive experience diagnosing and treating acute and chronic eye health issues.  He'll make sure your eyes reach their greatest potential for clear vision.

  • He is available on an emergency basis for treatment of eye allergies, infections, foreign objects in, or injuries to your eyes.   
  • He looks for complications from diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic medication use, dry eye syndrome, and autoimmune issues at every exam.
  • He identifies and treats other chronic eye health issues like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other retinal disorders

Eye Glasses

Dr. Mitchell uses the latest technology to obtain objective information about how your eyes focus.  He combines this information with your input to determine the most succinct eye glass prescription possible to unleash your clearest vision.  

  • He recommends and provides a variety of eye glass frames at reasonable prices without having to drive across the state.

  • He only works with the finest optical suppliers and insists on top quality lenses and treatments so you can see the world the way it was intended to be seen...without interference.

  • Dr. Mitchell advocates for the use of prescription sunglasses, not just to look good, but to protect your eyes and achieve unfettered vision in all environments.

  • Dr. Mitchell has experience developing specialized eyeglasses for use in all occupational environments. Whether at a computer workstation, in the out-of-doors, in the shop or garage, Dr. Mitchell can prescribe glasses for all occupational needs.

Contact Lenses

Dr. Mitchell has always had an interest in problem solving contact lens dilemmas, and takes great care to ensure that everyone who wants to wear contact lenses can.

  • Soft contact lenses, for most people, are comfortable, easy to adapt to, and are safe for your eyes.  Dr. Mitchell fits a wide range of off-the-shelf contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, even bifocal wearers.  He prescribes single use lenses when possible for greatest health, comfort, and ease of wear.  He even custom designs soft contact lenses if your needs require a specialized approach.
  • Other custom designed contact lenses such as hybrid (hard and soft contacts in one), scleral (large rigid lenses), and regular rigid gas-permeable lenses are right in Dr. Mitchell's wheel house.  He has successfully fit hundreds of patients with a variety of unique vision or eye health needs with custom designed contact lenses that in many cases work better than glasses can.  
  • Dr. Mitchell will spend the time needed to provide personalized contact lens services.  There is no one type of contact lens that works for everyone; but Dr. Mitchell will find the one that works best for you.