Faster Service On Glasses!

In house finishing:  We are pleased to announce that we now offer in-house finishing on most glasses lenses.  This means that we’ve simplified the process of purchasing glasses.  Because we will be cutting, shaping and inserting lenses right here in the office, we’ll be able to deliver high quality glasses to our patients much sooner than in the past.

So far, our glasses process has involved sending a glasses frame to our lens production laboratory.  The lab measures the frame, manufactures the lenses Dr. Mitchell prescribed, cuts the lenses, and  inserts them into the frame, then sends them back to our office.  That process on average has been taking about 10-14 days.  In some cases up to 3 or 4 weeks!  

Because we no longer need to ship the frame to the lab for most orders, we cut a lot of shipping time out of the equation.  We measure the frame specifications here, order lenses from our lab, and only the lenses ship to us when they are prepared.  When the lenses arrive, we cut and shape them with our new state-of-the-art system from Santinelli International (  This allows us to have your glasses ready within a week, sometimes in just 1 or 2 days!  Because we are only shipping lenses one way, we are cutting down our environmental impact as well.

We partner with ZEISS ( ),  a leader in advancing eye care and lens technology for most of our lens products.  ZEISS lens materials are superbly crafted to offer the greatest in optical clarity, durability and protection from harmful types of light like UV and high energy blue light. 

Dr. Mitchell is excited to provide high quality in-house finishing service to our patients in the Mad River Valley, and welcomes you to purchase your next glasses here.  Give us a call, or stop in for more information!

Mad River Eye Care