Gettin’ Smart in NYC!

Mad River Eye Care will be closed on Thursday March 21 as we head to NYC! We’ll be attending one of the largest eye care conventions in the world….Vision Expo East. We just wanted to spend a little time discussing the benefits for us and our patients when we attend conferences like this.

  • Smarts:

    • Dr. Mitchell spent extensive time studying in school, and training to be an optometrist. He attained the doctoral level of education in optometry, and learned all the latest and greatest research and technology for eye care. Like any other tech-driven industry, eye care changes rapidly with improved technology, detailed research, and changing availability of care. To keep up with all the latest changes and innovations, Dr. Mitchell regularly attends educational conferences where he spends time in class updating his understanding of the latest clinical approaches to eye care, exploring new treatment techniques, investigating new products, and testing out new equipment and tools of the trade. Dr. Mitchell is particularly looking forward to investing in new equipment that will allow our office to produce lenses for glasses right on-site and will allow us to make glasses much quicker than our current process. At Vision Expo, Dr. Mitchell will be able to check out the latest lens production equipment……stay tuned!!

    • Ashley and Madison will be attending educational courses geared toward working in optical environments. They’ll be able to gain insight into glasses fitting, general eye health, office management, and patient care.

  • Practice innovations:

    • Lenses for glasses: As noted above, Dr. Mitchell will evaluate lens production equipment that will allow our office to create some types of lenses right in the office, and/or will allow us to speed up our production time so that our patients have their glasses quicker.

    • Glasses frames: We will be spending time visiting with some of our product vendors to make sure we have up-to-date styles and selection of glasses in our optical. We’ll be exploring new frame lines and will be increasing our inventory.

    • Contact lenses: Dr. Mitchell will be reviewing the types and brands of contact lenses he prescribes, and will be looking for innovations that can improve comfort, vision, and ease of use for our contact lens wearers.

Stay tuned to social media for updates on Vision Expo East and Mad River Eye Care!

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