Free vision screening over winter break!

Clear vision is important for learning. Dr. Mitchell knows first hand how un-diagnosed, and un-corrected vision problems can inhibit children’s ability to participate meaningfully in learning…..3 of his 4 kids require substantial vision correction.

Early in our educational system, children are required to see clear to be able to learn……think about learning to read, recognize letters and numbers, colors and shapes. Kindergarten through 2nd grade emphasize learning concepts that will help with more detailed learning down the road. For many children, vision develops alongside these other important milestones, however, it doesn’t always go smoothly. There are many problems with eyes and vision development that can stand in the way of learning. Dr. Mitchell is pleased to offer a free vision screening opportunity over winter break (February 25th through March 5th ) to help figure out if your children could benefit from a comprehensive eye health and vision examination, and potentially glasses or other intervention. Here are a few issues he will be looking for:

Nearsightedness (can’t see far……like looking at the white board in school).

Farsightedness (can’t see well at near, or requires extra effort to focus at near……reading, desk work).

Amblyopia (sometimes called ‘lazy eye’, one eye doesn’t develop clear vision).

Strabismus (eyes don’t align with each other…crossed, point away, one points up or down, this can impede depth perception and coordination).

Call our office to schedule your preschool through 8th grader’s free vision screening over winter break!

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