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For most people, vision is the most important of the senses. We experience so much of our world through vision. Vision contributes so much to our awareness of our place in the world, our balance, coordination, depth perception, and general awareness.

Everyone in the family should have regular eye examinations to maintain the greatest potential for clear vision. Dr. Mitchell uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you are seeing your very best…..and there is more to it that just a glasses prescription.

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Today’s post emphasizes some important components of a comprehensive eye health and vision examination performed by Dr. Mitchell. These are considered preliminary tests and give Dr. Mitchell a lot of information about your eyes.

  • Thorough review of you current health status :

    • Various health issues can contribute to vision difficulties. Problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders like arthritis, Lupus and Sjogren’s. Dr. Mitchell needs to know about these and will discuss how they could influence your vision.

    • Medications can influence how your eyes work. Dr. Mitchell reviews your current medications for any that could be contributing to vision problems….some medications even impact the health of your eyes as a side effect.

    • Family history of medical issues: some problems have strong genetic components. Dr. Mitchell can help determine if your family history puts you at a higher risk of vision altering/threatening concerns.

  • Thorough review of your current vision correction:

    • We measure your current glasses with a lensometer to determine the prescription of your current correction. Dr. Mitchell checks your vision with these to understand how they are working for your currently.

  • Visual field test (look for the lights and click the button):

    • This takes about 2-4 minutes, and helps to identify if there are any areas of your vision that are missing or compromised….this is not only helpful information about your vision, but some patterns of visual field loss can help Dr. Mitchell to identify if a more serious underlying issue is at play.

  • Eye pressure test:

    • We use the iCare tonometer as our primary pressure testing device. This is easy to use on almost everyone (even kids and people who are really sensitive about their eyes). This test doesn’t require eye drops, or puffs of air.

    • Eye pressure is a major factor in glaucoma, and so we check it at every examination. If we need to double check, Dr. Mitchell also uses a Goldmann aplanation tonometer.

  • Autorefraction and autokeratometry:

    • These are accomplished in the ‘hot air balloon test’.

    • Autorefraction is an objective measurement of the focusing quality of your eyes, and can help give Dr. Mitchell a sneak peak at how your eyes focus. This test will identify if you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Dr. Mitchell will use this as a starting point for detailed vision testing that will determine your glasses prescription.

    • Autokeratometry is a measurement of the shape of the front surface of your eye. This helps to screen for structural problems with the shape of your eyes like keratoconus. It also helps Dr. Mitchell in fitting contact lenses that are an appropriate size and shape for your eyes.

  • Optomap:

    • Dr. Mitchell offers a unique screening test called Optomap that takes a comprehensive image of the inside of your eye and allows Dr. Mitchell to see nearly all of your retina. The images can also be used to document eye health concerns with the inside of your eyes and allow for straightforward comparison at future examinations.

At Mad River Eye Care, we have the right tools, technology, and expertise to help you…..See clearer.

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