How many pairs of glasses do I need? Gift cards….get 20% more this week!

Patients often ask how many pairs of glasses a person needs. This is a great question, and varies from person to person depending on your day-to-day vision demands. Glasses are a lot like shoes in many ways…….we wear different shoes for different tasks. We have hiking boots to tromp in the hills, flip-flops for the beach, winter boots for snow-shoeing, dress shoes for work or church, etc. Beyond just being a fashion statement, different types of shoes are appropriate for different activities, and glasses are the same way.

  • Everyday glasses: many people who wear glasses have a go-to pair that they wear for general use, and this is usually what we think of when we think of wearing glasses. These can be neutral in fashion, versatile in style, and meet our general vision needs. For those of us who need it, these can include a reading power in the bottom of the lens to give us maximum flexibility.

  • Driving/sun glasses: I always recommend having polarized prescription sunglasses for driving and outdoor wear. Polarized lenses cut glare from wet roads and other vehicles making driving safer and more straight forward, especially at dawn and dusk. They reduce glare and brightness for recreational uses around water and snow improving definition, and depth perception. And we can put polarized lenses in any style of frame from very athletic, to very fashion-oriented.

  • Computer glasses: Many people work on computers or other screens for many hours throughout the day, and don’t realize that their vision could be more comfortable. When working at close proximity, our eyes have to maintain a certain amount of effort to keep things in focus. This taxes our natural focusing system leading to fatigue, decreased blinking which can dry our eyes, and even headaches for some people. There are many options I can prescribe to help alleviate these factors while in the computer environment. I also recommend using high energy blue light blocking lenses especially when at the computer.

  • Other occupational glasses: I can recommend glasses for all occupational needs; weather safety glasses for the factory or construction site, or glasses with an add power in the top for looking under cars, or special outdoor or athletic applications. I can help to create a solution for any need or circumstance.

I know how varied our visual demands can be, and in our office, I always offer 30% off additional pairs of glasses, so you can save money updating your everyday glasses, prescription sunglasses, and computer/occupational glasses.

AND, the week before Christmas, I’m offering a discount for gift cards…..20% more. That means a $50 gift card goes for just $40, $100 for just $80! Give the gift of sight this Christmas with gift cards from Mad River Eye Care!

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