See clearer on the slopes…..half off of prescription goggle inserts this week!

Want to see clearer for skiing or riding this winter?  Dr. Mitchell can recommend prescription eye wear solutions that will give you the best vision possible for all your winter sports. Whether at Sugarbush, Mad River Glen, Killington or Stowe, here are some options to help you see your clearest. 

  • Contact lenses can improve your vision and give you the flexibility to wear whatever googles or shades you want.  Call to schedule a contact lens fitting with Dr. Mitchell. Maybe you don’t want to wear contact lenses every day….many people can use single use lenses that you only wear the days you want. Dispose of them when your done; easy and flexible.

  • Universal ski/snowboard goggle inserts put your prescription in most winter sports goggles and are easily installed and removed.  Bring your goggles in, and see if these are the right fit for your needs.

  • Dr. Mitchell has partnered with Smith Optics and carries Smith goggles designed to fit over most regular glasses…..wear your every-day glasses put your new Smith goggles over the top of them.  In addition we carry Smith’s prescription goggle inserts that work with some of their most innovative winter sports goggles, and can be used in several of Smith’s biking glasses as well. 

Dr. Mitchell and staff are happy to help determine the best winter-sports option for your needs and budget, give us a call.

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