New products: Costa glasses!

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with glasses manufacturer Costa.  Costa’s tag line is ‘Born on the water’.  Popular in fishing circles and coastal areas, Costa began by creating innovative polarization technology for optimal clarity for water sports and occupations.  Costa’s polarization and light spectrum filtering isn’t only great for water sports, but has been proven an excellent option for winter sports in combating glare from snow and ice.  Many people recognize improved clarity for winter time driving in addition to boating and fishing.  Dr. Mitchell selected Costa for his office because of their reputation for superior optical refinement in their non-prescription sunglasses, but also because of their high-quality, fashionable prescription ophthalmic line (regular every-day glasses).  In addition to their superior quality, innovative technology and attractive fashion sense, Dr. Mitchell appreciates Costa’s commitment to bringing awareness to environmental issues.  Costa supports and/or spear-heads a number of projects that promote healthy oceans.  You can see the fruits of last year’s campaign at Mad River Eye Care;  Costa committed to cleaning beaches in third world countries by recycling discarded fishing nets…and making glasses out of them.  Stop in and see Dr. Mitchell’s selection of Costa at Mad River Eye Care.

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