Eye Glasses

Dr. Mitchell uses the latest technology to obtain objective information about how your eyes focus.  He combines this information with your input to determine the most succinct eye glass prescription possible to unleash your clearest vision.  

  • He recommends and provides a variety of eye glass frames at reasonable prices without having to drive across the state.

  • He only works with the finest optical suppliers and insists on top quality lenses and treatments so you can see the world the way it was intended to be seen…without interference.

  • Dr. Mitchell advocates for the use of prescription sunglasses, not just to look good, but to protect your eyes and achieve unfettered vision in all environments.

  • Dr. Mitchell has experience developing specialized eyeglasses for use in all occupational environments. Whether at a computer workstation, in the out-of-doors, in the shop or garage, Dr. Mitchell can prescribe glasses for all occupational needs.

Mad River Eye Care